Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mo's Digital Pencil, Marion. First "real" attempt at fur

This is Marion from Mo's Digital Pencil.   I was coloring her for a challenge but didnt finish in time.  Oh well, maybe I will find another she will work for.  This is my first real attempt at fur. I usually prefer coloring people.  When I found this image I fell in love! I bought it right away ! - and got right to coloring. Then I came to the cat....uh oh! I hadn't considered that part !   The only animals I've really colored were a small part of the image so I could stumble my way through it.  Not this time.  I looked at a few tutorials but they weren't a huge help.  There are SO many on hair and skin and folds- there are some on fur but none that seemed to apply entirely to this image... No white showing- I don't agree....always color in the same direction...uh uh. One key piece of advice that helped, think of it as hair.  That was the biggest help and I found that on a forum on the Kit and Clowder.ning site.   Well I definently have some practicing to do but it's still cute. I will list the color combos I used but with the hair colors keep in mind, I was interrupted in the process and when I got back to it I couldn't get it to work out so I ended up using a lot of different colors to get it to look the way I wanted.  Actually it's still not right ! Grrrrr! 

E11 E21 E00 E000 R20 R32
YR24 E35 E33 YR21 E53 E51 E50- what a mess! 
BG10 BG13 BG15 BG18
R89 R85 R83 R81 RV10
C3 C1 colorless blender 
E35 E33 E31 E30 C1, shoes 
W7 W5 W3 W1
R24 R22 R32 R11
I decided to add this image to the Kit and Clowder July challenge

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  1. my goodnes this is SO CUTE, love your colouring. think i got to buy this stamp to ;O)))


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